Heart of a Champion Workout Series by Ryan Terry

What do Ryan Terry and Felix Valentino have in common? They both have an enormous will; they have a HEART OF A CHAMPION. Nobody else, except yourself, is responsible for your life. All you need to be successful is inside of you: It is the heart and the will that define a winner. Ryan and Felix will show you how the workout of a champion looks like. The 12 week workout series will be extreme tough – it will push you to the limits. If you stay the course you really are a champion! It’s your choice…

To complete this workout routine it takes a lot – but it will also give a lot. This sport teaches you what discipline means. Hard work pays off – in sports and also at your job. Show the people that you got a HEART OF A CHAMPION beating in your chest!


You don’t have to say much about these guys… the names speak for themself. Ryan is “Mister International”, “Arnold Classic Champion” and “IFBB Pro”. However, even before Ryan started with Bodybuilding his face was well-known. Ryan did commercials with Reebok an other companies. Felix Valentino is better known as the “brother of Steve Cook” or the “gym buddy of Jeff Seid”. Well-know because of the workout series he did and his content pages on ShapeYOU.de Felix is a brand nowadays and he is working as an successful fitness-model. This series shows you how the contest prep of Ryan looks like. Felix is going to be his training partner and he is doing some German translation for Ryan.



My workout is arranged in a 5 day split. That means a have 5 different workouts to hit every muscle group individually. Additional to my split I am always doing a “Full Body Circuit” on Sunday. This session is not for building muscle, it is about increasing my calorie consumption without losing my muscles. So you could say my “Full Body Circuit” is kind of a cardio workout. Plus I am doing easy cardio in the morning round about 3 times a week. On Saturday I normally plan to do a restday. But in this week with ShapeYOU we did a little “special”, which is marked as cardio in my plan. Let me put it like this, the “restday” was the most exhausting part of my workout and it also was the funniest day.


To stay the course with this workout program you really need a strong will. Especially if you work full time it is difficult to find free time for the workout. BUT it is not about finding time to exercise it is about making time to exercise. A good workout does not need to be long. You need to exercise hard for about 60 minutes that is worth more than hanging around at the gym for 2 or 3 hours. 60 minutes – that is just 4% of the whole day.


I never workout with an exact number of reps. I do have a rep range, but it’s always about doing as many reps as possible (except the warm-up). So you might say I always go “to failure”. If I recognize that I still have a little left in the tank after I finished my 12 reps I just go on till I am done. And then I know that I have to increase the weight for the next set.


Watching my video you will see that I love supersets and dropsets. Superset means that I combine to exercises without any rest in between. However, you cannot just pick any exercise you want. Each exercise should have the focus on another muscle. For example on “Day 1” I am doing “pull-ups” and “seated rows” with a superset. First I am doing an exercise for the Musculus Latissimus and the second exercise puts the focus on the Musculus Trapezius. Dropsets are another intensity technique. I love it because it really helps me to make progress with my strength. At my last set I am always doing as many reps as possible, then without rest in between I reduce the weight and I push myself to the limit again. Intensity techniques really make a workout much tougher. Supersets also can be hard for your circulation and after my workout I am really dead. But it is exactly this feeling what makes fitness and bodybuilding to one of the greatest sports.


Now it’s getting serious…In the overview you can find your workout split for the next 12 weeks. Every day of the week there are different exercises – in my videos I will explain each day in detail. The continuous training will pay off. Let’s get it on.


Now it’s getting serious…In the overview you can find your workout split for the next 12 weeks. Every day of the week there are different exercises – in my videos I will explain each day in detail. The continuous training will pay off. Let’s get it on.


1.Day 1: Back Workout

2. Day 2: Shoulders Workout

3. Day 3: Arms/Abs Workout

4. Day 4: Legs Workout

5. Day 5: Chest Workout

6. Day 6: Cardio

Normally I would do a 6 day split. However I really want to push it to the limit for this preparation – to be a champion – so on my rest day I am doing some “fun sports”. I like to do swimming, climbing or anything that keeps me metabolism on tour. My advice to you: Don’t always do the same – always be open minded to new sports and new challenges.

7. Day 7: Full Body Circuit



When people see me they might think nutrition is an easy subject for me. That is definitely not true. But actually it is not that difficult to know the essentials about nutrition. It is just about what you eat and how much you eat. The difficult part is the implementation.


You probably know that: carbohydrates give you energy and power and proteins are the building material for your muscles. However, fats are also important, for example for the digestion and processing of the other nutrients and for the synthesis of hormones.

My nutrient balance looks like this::
400-450g carbs – 180-200g proteins – 40g fats
In total this is round about 3,000 large calorie.
The percentage values are – 55% carbs, 30% proteins, 15% fats


If you have a calorie deficit at the end of the day you will lose weight! It is that simple!

Okay, it is difficult to calculate the energy consumption and to tell how many calories are in each food, but that is another issue. If you know your body and if you know the basic rules about healthy nutrition, you will have success, even without a nutrition diary.

Me personally I don’t like to cut my carbs. That is why I just increase my expendage if I am doing a contest prep. I would say that the Cardio in the mornings and also my Full Body Circuit are the most important tools to get ripped.


The amount of calories you would need to get the maximum success from your training is individual and depends on many factors like what you doing besides the workout. This calculator should only give you a rough orientation.