Sunday, March 26, 2017


You want to know how to achieve your goal, which metohds of training there are or how a specific exercise have to be done? Our athletes will show you how. Additionally, they will provide you with helpful information and advice all around your workout. We do not only have informational articles. There are also workout videos in which Team ShapeYOu's athletes are going to demonstrate their methods of training. There are videos from different sections: Endurance, Gaining Strength and Building Muscles, Losing Fat, Women Fitness and Weight Training. Even if it seems as if our videos are directed at male bodybuilders only, women can profit from their advice and excercises, too. In Women Fitness our female atheletes Cornelia Ritzke and Stephanie Davis provide helpful information. Here you can find inspiration if your workout is getting too boring and you are looking for more diversity. You do not feel motivated? Have a look at our motivational videos! Additionally, you are going to find worth knowing material and useful background knowledge. You get all the information necessary for a successful workout on just one Website for free!


Heart of a Champion Workout Series by Ryan Terry

Heart of a Champion Workout Series by Ryan Terry What do Ryan Terry and Felix Valentino have in common? They both have an enormous will;...